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What I Do

I have been active in dog rescue in the Twin Cities since 2002, and was the sole photographer for a local, private no-kill rescue from 2011 until the summer of 2015, when I decided to volunteer my photography more broadly. I quickly realized that strong, appealing photographs of rescue dogs, in natural settings away from crates and other shelter cues greatly increases their chance of adoption.  What I found, however, is that it can be quite challenging to manage volunteer efforts in this area to maximize its efficiency and effectiveness.

To help fill that need, I started DogMama Images LLC, a photography firm specializing in rescue photography.  I’m now offering my services to other rescues in the area conveniently and cost-effectively.  Images are available at a per-image price, or my time may be booked in hourly sessions.  After each session, the images are prepped, cleaned, cropped and provided for your use on your website.  I retain copyright, but provide one-time rights to use the images for website publication.   Many rescues have professional photographers who volunteer their time for similar services at no cost.  If this is the case, why should you consider DogMama Images?

  • Experience – Over 12 years of rescue experience has given me a unique ability to interact with animals and capture their personalities
  • Efficiency – Three years of working with volunteers to photograph rescue dogs has made me very efficient in capturing that perfect shot, averaging 4 to 5 minutes per subject
  • Convenience – Sessions are scheduled at your convenience and at your location
  • Reliability – Rescue photography is DogMama Images’ primary focus, so no other photographic work takes priority

Browse through the pictures on this site.  All of them were or are rescue dogs, and most of the pictures were taken a local pet food stores, with volunteer help and no special lighting or backdrops.  Check my pricing and give me a call – together we can save lives.