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1.  How much do you charge?

My goal is to provide striking pictures for you to use to place your dogs as cost-effectively as possible.  I do not print photographs.  All of my work is digital and is provided to you via email or, if you prefer, I can load it directly to your website.   While in the future, I will probably have per-picture or per-hour pricing, at this point, it’s more important that rescues recognize the need for good photography.  As a result, I’m willing to work with them at a price they can afford.  Please email me and we can discuss options.


2.  Can I see your contract language?

Yes, contract language is available upon request.  Please email me and I can send it to you.


3. What resources do you need from the rescue/shelter prior to or during the session?

Before we schedule a session, we’ll discuss my policies, agree on your needs, and I will ask you to sign a contract.  After this is done, we’ll schedule a session at a time and location that works for you.  Prior to that session, I’ll ask you to complete an animal list in Excel format, which will include the animal’s name, estimated breed, color, sex,  and estimated age.  If you’d like me to enter the photos directly into your web site after you review them, identification information will also need to be provided.  I will photograph the animals in this order on the day of the session.


I will also need at least one, preferably two or more volunteers to help run the session on the day of the shoot.  These volunteers should be over the age of 18 and be experienced (and comfortable) handling dogs, as I’ll need them to hold the dogs for me while I take the pictures.  I’ll provide the orientation so they know what I need them to do.


4. What can I expect on the day of the session?

On the day of the session, expect that I will arrive approximately 20 to 30 minutes early.  I will use that time to walk through the area, pick the location, and provide a quick orientation for your volunteers.  This work is all done on my time, rather than yours, so that we can maximize the number of photographs taken during our scheduled session.


Once the session begins, it’s generally most helpful to have at least two volunteers bringing animals out, so that one animal is being photographed while the other is being put back in his or her kennel and another is arriving.  I generally average 5 to 6 minutes per animal, so the more volunteers we have, the faster things go.


I try to keep the sessions outside if at all possible, in a natural setting, and out of bright sunlight.   Once we are through our animal list, as provided in the preliminary information, or we are finished with our session time, I’ll head back to my office to work on prepping the photos for your use.  You can expect to be notified that the photos are ready for viewing within 36 hours.